Building my Business, day 28- Post Session

31 Days HeaderSo, you have had your session. Now what? Now, you wait and I get busy! After your session, I download all your images on to multiple drives… I don’t want to lose anything. Then the morning after your session, I get busy. First I cull, go through and tag the best of the best. Then I open them up one by one and get a good look at all the images in Photoshop. Once I have done that I go back and look at all the images I didn’t select initially and re-evaluate them.

Once I have done that, I begin the editing process. Adjusting lighting, saturation and hue, removing any leashes or power lines, or anything else that needs to be photoshopped out for a better image. This can take up to two weeks. Once, I am done editing I upload them to the client preview page on the website and create a log in for you. I also test this multiple times, because I would hate for you not to be able to log in and see your images!

After your images are edited and uploaded I send you an email with your log in info! I then will blog about your session and post previews on Facebook and twitter. Products must be ordered within 2 weeks of your gallery going up, and if you are ordering custom cards, then we being looking at designs, colors and layouts as soon as I send you your log in info. Products can take anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks to ship out and arrive. So, keep that in mind when scheduling your session!

31 days 600x600

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