Building my Business, day 27- During the Session

31 Days HeaderDuring a session with me, my goals are to create images similar to those you have shown me at our pre session meeting, via email or text and even photos you like the morning of your session. In addition to creating images similar to those you like I think about what you want these to be used for and take a variety of shots, some with a very shallow depth of field and others more zoomed out for a big picture sort of feel. I also want to capture your precious moments during the session, the bond between you and your dog, you and your spouse, and the details of your pet that make him (or her) different from all the other dogs in the world.

Maximus, 2013 Colorado Springs
Maximus, 2013 Colorado Springs

I like to start our sessions with high energy activities, as it helps the dog get any nervous energy out and gets them excited to work with me. I always do a brief, sit, stay lesson with one of the toys or treats I have purchased for them. Once, we have expelled energy and your pet is ready for calmer settings we, do photos of you and your pet together: sitting, at your feet, or in a down position.

Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014
Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014

I also like to take detail shots, depending on the background…and how well your pet can hold the stay. These are the photos I depend on you to really help hold them in a pose while I compose the image, considering every detail from lighting to texture and orientation.

Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014
Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014

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