Building my Business, day 25- Education and Life Long Learning


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I got started in Photography in High school, somehow I got out of taking the Basic Intro to Computers and Art 1 and then could jump into whatever art class I wanted, I choose photography. And this was like old school Canon AE1, black and white negative film photography. The dark room was my favorite place. Everyone in class was simply interested in the craft and less worried about high school politics and cliques. After high school, I decided I was going to be an Art major at Stephen F Austin. Well, after my 1st Photography class in which during a classroom critique my professor told me she, “just doesn’t get it” I decided maybe art wasn’t a good fit for me. At the time I was also taking Design 1, which was a very interesting class. Everyone I sat next too in that class was an Interior Design Major, they were nice (normal looking) girls and I received positive feedback from them. So, I changed majors.

After graduation, and my internship I needed something else in my life. I didn’t have any hobbies anymore. So that Christmas, my husband bought me my first DSLR camera. I admit, learning digital was a lot. I made a lot of mistakes in the editing process, since I never used Photoshop before and had no idea what RAW format was. In those 1st few days, weeks and months, I read as much as I could from the library, articles online from fellow photographers (wedding, portrait, pet, child and newborn) and watching youtube videos.

Over the past 4 years I have read as many articles as I could on editing, on running a photography business, and marketing. I watched video after video on editing techniques, sign up for webinars on how to run a photography business and webinars on being a pet photographer.

Once I decided on a style and was able to consistently create images that way I then began to perfect my shooting technique. Practicing at the dog park with Asher and at home using natural window light on the kitties. I am always willing to learn something new either in camera or in post processing. If I stop learning, then I have failed myself and my clients. In the last 2 years, I feel I have really found my signature style. Using natural light and knowing how to achieve those dreamy backlit images and soft blown out backgrounds…it took time to learn and now that I know what I am doing I am so happy to have a style that I love and clients enjoy as well!

Bella, ClarkeStudio Pet Photography Colorado Springs 2013
Bella, ClarkeStudio Pet Photography Colorado Springs 2013

One thought on “Building my Business, day 25- Education and Life Long Learning

  1. This is SO inspiring. I never really thought about photography as a business, but I absolutely love photography as a hobby. I’ve been wanting to learn it for so long, but have never taken the time. You inspired me to just get back to learning it 🙂

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