Building my Business, day 22- Moving my Business

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In July, I moved my business from the mountains of Colorado to California’s Central Valley. It was a culture shock, to say the least. Moving a business is for me 10x harder than the actual moving. In Colorado, I had contacts, friends and businesses that frequently endorsed me and send clients my way…moving that business meant I lost all that work. That I was starting at ground zero. That is why moving my business is 10x harder than the actual moving part, I know very few people here. At least I did. Networking and joining my Women’s Entrepreneur Group have really helped but this is one of those time things. It just takes time to settle into a new community. That is why I chose this topic for my 31 days challenge because getting excited to work on my business when no one is calling for sessions, is really hard.

How do you move a business?

First, I let me past clients and networking partners know what is happening and when the move will be happening. I like to schedule all sessions a month before the move, so ensure I can do as much in person as possible.

Then, I have made the move make sure you register in your new state, notify your bank of your change in address and if necessary update business cards with new contact info.

Don’t forget to update your contact info on your social media sites and SEO for your website and blog (this can be time consuming).

Get out and network, meet fellow business owners or fellow photographers.

Talk about your business. Tell people what you do and hand them a card. The introvert in me really doesn’t like this, I don’t like being in the lime light but when you own a business everyone is a potential client and if they aren’t maybe they know someone who is.

 31 days 600x600Have you ever had to move your business? What struggles did you encounter?

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