Building my Business, day 13- What is in my Camera Bag?

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As a photographer, I have a variety of cameras, lenses and flashes. Although what is in my camera is not necessarily what is in your wedding photographer’s camera bag we do have ‘big fancy cameras’.


IMG_5338First off, let’s talk about my bag. I have the Crumpler five million dollar home in black and lime. Previously, I had the Kelly Moore Mimi bag, but was not a good fit for my photography and I found it a little too bulky. What I like about the Crumpler is versatility and durability. It’s outside is thick black canvas with a wide nylon strap and reflective bits, and loops for things like poop bags.

IMG_5330Camera Body. I prefer Nikon as for the canon vs nikon debate, I believe you need to use the camera that you feel the most comfortable using. I have used Nikon for years, so it is a natural fit. I know where the buttons are without looking and feel comfortable shooting from the hip. I shoot with a Nikon D7000, although this is not a part of the ‘professional series’ I am so highly impressed with this camera and battery I recommend it to a lot of people wanting to own a nice DLSR camera.

Lenses. I have 5 but use 3 religiously. First my go to is the 18- 135 mm lens by Nikon. It has lots of versatility with a bit of a zoom. This was the sole lens I took to Greece a few years ago and loved the images! My next lens is a Nikon 35 mm with a 1.8 focal depth. Perfect for bokah and shallow depths of field which I LOVE. This photo of Asher was taken with the 35 mm.

Asher, 2012
Asher, 2012

The last lens I keep in my bag during sessions is a Tonkina Fisheye 10-17 mm. This is fun for silly distorted images. I prefer to use this lens indoors but I like the distortion it can give. It’s all about what the client wants! The photo below of Charlie was taken with the Fisheye. The other 2 lenses are a 18-55 and a 55-200, which I never use. Like, ever.



I also carry a Neewer Ring LED flash, it’s better suited for portraits than Pet Photography but I can take it off camera and hold if need be, which is why I love it. (see photo above)

Now, I carry more to my sessions that what fits in my camera bag, and if you can believe it I fit 2 separate lenses in my Crumpler, my body with lens, my flash and extras like lens covers etc. I also carry a tote with treats, toys, balloons, bubbles, more poop bags, extra leashes, bowl and water bottle. You never know what you are going to need as a pet photographer!

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9 thoughts on “Building my Business, day 13- What is in my Camera Bag?

  1. So interesting! I have a Canon DSLR and just the kit lens it came with (18-55). I want a 35mm/f1.8 lens so badly so I can get all those pretty close up, blurry background pics. Just need like $400 of disposable income first haha.

  2. When we were looking at DSLRs I wanted a Nikon but we ended up with a Pentax – I didn’t really know what I was looking for so left the choice up to my husband (especially as he held the budget for the new camera lol). It’s still going now nearly 7 years later but probably could do with an upgrade at some point. I love your camera bag. The one we have is a little basic one, I’d like to get a better one especially as I often end up having to carry a separate handbag to fit my things in because the camera case is so little!

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