Building my Business, day 12- My Logo and Colors

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My Senior year of college I took a color theory class. It was on the very artsy end and I learned a lot. What colors mean and how people perceive them. If nothing else it changes how I perceive color and how I want to be perceived.

Bright colors= active, busy and entertaining

Muted colors= calm, peaceful

And a whole plethora of other things are associated with colors example: white=clean, and simple

This year I changed my name and with that I also changed my logo and colors. My original logo was bright, colorful and exciting. I wanted it to grab your attention.

FB oct 12


When I decided to go by Shelby Clarke Photography, I wanted something that reflected me, my style and my love of design. After prowling designs online and looking at color schemes on Pinterest. I came up with a tempting design.

cropped-sc-logo.jpgI wanted something feminine, dainty, modern and flexible. I have been on a gold fix lately and I love combining the gold and silver with the rose pink. I love these colors so much that I accidentally applied them just recently. I ordered the new iPhone 6 in Gold and purchased a soft rose pink case for it. Since my business is more about me, I wanted a logo that was me. My blog logo is basically the same with color difference.

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The lime sorbet, navy and silver are so catchy. When isn’t lime catchy? I tend to stay away from blues but there is something relaxing in this navy, and the lime sorbet takes that tame navy and makes it exciting! The gray is a great neutral to calm the whole thing down. I love it. Truly.


One Reply to “Building my Business, day 12- My Logo and Colors”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your color combo for your photography!!! I was really tempted to go with the same combination when I first started my journey but realized it was more of a fad for me, I would eventually get tired of it for myself and want to move on to the next best thing. But I love that it reflects you so much. So fun. Color is such a fun thing to work with but can be SO hard sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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