TIGF- October 10 (Building my Business, day 10) Combo Post

IMG_0085Burning out. Yesterday I blogged on being a burnt out business owner. And honestly I am grateful for that. In my defeat I learned to step away and take a break. I got out of the house, did some needed shopping and picked up another pet sitting job. I have been working so hard over the last few months to accomplish everything and try to be immediately successful and I need to chill and let things happen.

IMG_5287The Brewtiful Exchange. I signed up for a coffee, tea and hot chocolate exchange on Instagram a few weeks back. My package from my swap partner arrived this week, full of yummy goodies! Chocolate, coffee, scarf, a few decorations and a new mug!

Freedom. I don’t think I recognize how thankful I am for the freedom I have because of my husband’s job and to have the ability to stay home, work on my craft and write.

IMG_5036Pet Sitting. I picked up another overnight pet sitting job, 2 nights over the next few weeks. The hardest part was 2 back to back nights this week, but now we have all weekend to catch up on our evening shows. Also, this extra income goes into the ‘Fun’ Bucket.

IMG_4255Friends, Coffee and Bible Studies. I am also extremely grateful for my girlfriend that I meet up with for bible study. I love my husband but girl time and Jesus time is essential to my happiness and wellbeing (as is coffee). I am so thankful for her and I am glad I can be there for her as well. We are all going through something.

7 thoughts on “TIGF- October 10 (Building my Business, day 10) Combo Post

  1. This post just made me wish we lived closer and it’s such a great collection of things to be grateful for! I love the positive spin you put on burning out – it’s SO true. Hoping this upcoming week is much better for you!

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