Building my Business, day 8- Networking

31 Days HeaderAs, soon as I arrived in Modesto, I quickly joined a Women’s Entrepreneur Group. We meet each month at our local Starbucks. Since joining the group they have challenged me to create a brochure, which I have done but not yet printed, an online video and to get out and network with local Veterinary Offices and Groomers. Since August, Mary of Mary’s Pet Project and I have met up weekly to distribute our cards and talk to pet businesses about what we do. I have gone through 300 cards in a month! Never before have I networked my business so hard, even in Colorado. Shelby Clarke Photo-Tri-Fold Brochure-Outside

Shelby Clarke Photo-Tri-Fold Brochure-Inside2

8 thoughts on “Building my Business, day 8- Networking

  1. That is a great challenge! I feel like it would stress me out a little. But yours looks great! And 300 cards!? I don’t think I have EVER gone through that many. What the heck!? Go girl.

  2. Your brochure looks great, I love it! Way to go on really putting yourself out there to network, how nice to have someone to do it with and a whole group to encourage one another. That’s awesome!

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