Building my Business, day 7- Ideal Client

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Throughout my time at Stephen F Austin State University, while earning a degree in Interior Design I took a total of 2 business classes. One was accounting the other an Interior Design Business Course my final Spring Semester. So, I don’t really feel qualified to talk on building a business, none the less have one of my own.

Soon after I started my business, I quickly realized not everyone was my ‘customer’. I mean, my dog is my kid. I would lay down my life for him and when people ask my parents about grandkids, they show them his photo. I mean, how could you not?

Asher, 2012
Asher, 2012

But realizing that people would laugh, joke and even make fun of my speciality, deep down I knew there were other people out there like me. People who loved their dogs more than words could describe. It’s not that they don’t like children, it’s just they either couldn’t have children, lost their children or simply love that their dog is an awesome fur kid.

I meet most of these people in High End Boutique Pet Shops, the folks who have 45 different collars, harnesses and leashes for every season for their pup.

In the most basic terms, the customers I seek are young twenty somethings who have just gotten their first ‘baby’ and are fresh out of college and at their first ‘real world’ job, 20-30 somethings that are married or living together and don’t want children are just living for today and their dogs doing what makes them happy, 40-50 somethings that have had their human children move out or away to college and have recently added a dog to their family unit so they can have someone to love and pamper.

Now, it should be said that not everyone I have had as a client fits into my ‘ideal’. It’s not a perfect world but knowing that I can provide a service to which most people in the above categories want, and even to those who don’t fit in but still love their fur baby.

I will steer customers to photographers that are better suited for them if I feel I cannot provide them with what they want. I don’t have a studio, so if someone calls wanting studio images I will send them information on photographers who do that. I believe that knowing what I am good at helps me do better and gives my clients a good understanding of my photography philosophy and end results.

Small Business Owners, who is YOUR ideal client/customer? Bloggers, who is YOUR ideal reader?





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15 thoughts on “Building my Business, day 7- Ideal Client

  1. What a great direction you have, it was always hardest for me to narrow down my “ideal” clients. It’s good to know yourself and your work so much that you can pinpoint who to work with and who to suggest elsewhere. That’s a big step when you are a small business owner. My ideals are mainly missions-oriented. Individuals and organizations, that’s what seems to keep coming to my doorstep for help and I am more than happy to oblige! ❤

    1. Thanks Kayla, honestly when I started I thought I wanted to be a portrait and wedding photographer but found no joy in that at all. So once I figured out what I wanted it was easy to find like minded people who wanted a service previous not available. It’s all about who approaches you, and if you love it go with it!

  2. What a good question. Thanks for helping me think about who my true readers are and how I can better cater to them. Great post! (PS I LOVED my dogs more than anything, too.)

  3. Good for you in finding your niche! I had to go through some re-thinking on my blog and I’m finally getting there I think, I write for the average woman just making her way through life – cause that’s what I am! 🙂

  4. beautiful photo – Ive never had a dog or cat…but its a great idea! people love their fur-babies! Finding your ideal market and reader Its something I need to think about – i have an Etsy shop and still cant pinpoint my market…

  5. I love this post for so many reasons. Like you, we love our dogs and cat like they’re our own children. I don’t know any other way, honestly, and I have zero intention of changing that. Even when we have kids, they’ll still be our babies. On top of that, I SO get where you are coming from on the ideal client. When we started our business, I wanted to appeal to everyone. Now, I’m perfectly fine when it’s clear the match is not a good one between the customer and our products.

    1. What is crazy to me is not everyone is like us, I still have take a step back and understand that when I meet potential clients. Doesn’t it provide you so much comfort when you meet a customer and they are your perfect client!

  6. I am planning on starting my own business in the next few months ideal clients those people you want to reach and connect with in specific ways. Good business idea 🙂

  7. For my shop, I started out wanting to do illustrations of fashion in a different way, but as soon as I did a little girl, mommies started flooding my site and social inquiring. I then knew my customer was moms, especially new moms that have little ones under 5, however I have gotten requests for moms with older kids.

    My blog I would love to say is for everyone, but my main audience are those that are looking to learn more about truth and life and how it can be cool and you can be fashionable and live a life for Christ.

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