Building my Business, day 6- “Will you photograph my wedding?”

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I am a pet photographer. It’s what I am good at, it’s what I feel comfortable doing. I admit, I have told people I am a pet photographer and they can’t help laughing, “Who would ever hire a Pet Photographer?” (NOTE: these are NOT my ideal clients)

I am no Wedding Photographer, I have been a bride and I know how crazy they can be. There is no way I want the responsibility of that whole day on my shoulders…it’s not worth it and they stress is too great. If your going to hire a Designer to re-do your kitchen wouldn’t you hire a Kitchen designer instead of a General Contractor? Or if you’re having heart problems you’re not going to talk to your eye doctor about it are you?

I am a pet photographer. A photographer who specializes in capturing your pet alone or with you. That is my specialty. I have dabbled in Product photography and Portrait but it’s not something I readily advertise.

To Wedding Photographers: I respect what you do and gladly will turn people in your  direction the same way I would hope you too, would turn people with pet photography interests in mine. I can’t be the world’s best EVERYTHING photographer, but I can try to be the world’s best pet photographer.

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