Building my Business, Day 5- Reflection

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Well, I have been blogging for 5 days straight now, surely this is a record for me. I honestly didn’t think I even make it to the 5 day mark. Nonetheless the 2 day mark. Since starting, I have been so much more bold, I guess is the right word, about how I approach my business each day and how I approach blogging and the use of social media for my sites. After blogging on an off for years, it seems I may have finally figured this thing out.

Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It takes up a huge amount of time and energy, so much has already been said in the world. What do I have to say that anyone would want to read? And yet I keep coming back and opening myself up to you.

Since, starting this challenge I have had an inquiry regarding my Mini Sessions. I have always been a little on the shorter side, 5’2″ but my parents always told me small but mighty…I think about my business that way. Small but Mighty. I have even designed the most precious baby announcements for friends in Texas, they recently had twins and I was honored that they chose me to design their announcements. I even made sure to pay homage to their nursery theme, Star Wars. 🙂 I got the little people from THIS Etsy shop. Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.21.05 PM

This is defiantly something I would love to learn more about and incorporate into the business, graphic art and design has been a huge influence in how I see advertisements and branding. Currently, I buy designs from designers, cause they know what they are doing and make changes to make them more personal for each client. But I really would love to create graphic/custom designs from scratch like TOTAL scratch for my clients and customers.

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2 thoughts on “Building my Business, Day 5- Reflection

  1. Me too! I would love to create custom designs. As you know, I don’t have the resources, but if you find something you like, let me know. Also, I enjoy reading your blog.

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