Building my Business, day 4- What sets Shelby Clarke Photo apart from the competition?

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As a pet photographer, what makes me better than your neighbor with a fancy camera? Or as a photographer in general? I’d like to think a lot of things but as more and more people turn their hobbies into jobs, it only hurts those who hire them instead of a professional. So, how can you tell an amateur from a professional? What sets me apart from your neighbor?

I have experience behind the camera, 15 years and I am only 28.

I understand technical natural lighting techniques. As, a natural light photographer this is key.

I have worked with a variety of dogs; shy, scared, excited, unmotivated, high energy, low energy, puppies, seniors, large and small.

I have never stopped learning. Starting with the use of film to learning digital, from the dark room to learning Photoshop and using camera raw. Including new in camera techniques that I try out on my dog, cats and even my husband that minimize work in PhotoShop so Clients get their images faster!

I have a style. I know how to achieve a consistent style, one I love and I hope my clients love as well.

I offer high-end photographic products and prints. This is something your neighbor and his fancy camera cannot provide. I work with professional labs to ensure your image turns out right. From gallery wrap canvas to wood prints, accordion booklets and photographic prints. I will design flat cards just for you. I use my photoshop graphic knowledge to make the perfect products for you.

When you book a session with me, I provide you with a detailed questionnaire to fill out, check it out HERE. This provides me with key information for your session, what kind of toys to provide your dog and what treats to avoid. All of which are yours after the session.

And I would expect wedding and portrait photographers to have the same qualifications; years of experience, consistent style and a variety of products to offer. When my baby sister got married in 2012, she put me in charge of finding her a photographer. Lots of family and friends, expected me to photograph her wedding because well, I have a fancy camera that they don’t understand. But I never wanted to photograph her wedding. I wanted to be apart of HER day. So, I looked for a photographer with a style I liked, a price in her budget with technical and wedding experience. It was a wonderful experience and now Haley has beautiful images to remember that special day.

Photographers that offer a session with a disk of images for $50, make me cringe and scare me to death! What are you getting? experience? technique? quality?

 If someone is portfolio building and just starting out, I expect lower session rates and digital images, however a professional realizes that prints and products are more valuable than a disk in your desk drawer. (#prints>pixels) In this social media world, digital is pretty important which is why I give my clients Social Media Ready Images from their session, no matter what they purchase. Because everyone wants to show off their fur baby and photos online!

I also have these rave reviews from past clients, HERE and this kind word left for me on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.11.15 PM


Are you a business owner? What sets you apart from the competition or hobby-iest?  


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