Building my Business, day 3- Work at Home Routine

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My routine is pretty much keeps my mind organized. If I have the same routine each day, I am more productive and in an overall better mood. Since accepting the 31 day challenge, I have made better changes to my routine. I don’t have human children, so this makes working at home easy for me. I love kids but they take up a lot of time and energy. Moms who work from home or even in the corporate world are my heroes, there is no way I could do it all.

Each morning, I get up and get my husband off to work. I have learned there is no point in trying to get anything done during this time. So, I sit on the couch with him and the dog, and watch sports center like a really awesome wife and don’t complain. But as soon as he is off to the shower, I click off the TV and it doesn’t come back on…until he gets home. I also steer clear of Netflix and Hulu unless I am sick and need to sleep.

Once, husband is off to work I take 1.5-2 hours to myself. I run, workout, walk the dog, shower and do my bible study. Once I am refreshed then I really get to work. I respond to emails, write newsletters, and schedule blogs as well as prioritizing projects. This is also when I have my morning coffee and breakfast.

Around 2 pm, I start cleaning house for an hour or so then do more blogging, appointment and session scheduling or editing until 4 then I start working on dinner. My overarching routine is to have things done by certain days; newsletters by Monday Afternoon for distribution on Tuesday, contributing blogs done and ready for review at least the week before it’s due. Research or scout locations while I run errands and network 1-2 times a week with Mary. Once my husband is home I try not to be on the computer, I will work from my iPad or iPhone instead.

What is your routine like each day? What do you need to change but haven’t yet or what about your home work/blogging routine challenges you from being productive?

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