TIGF- Things I am Grateful For September 19 Edition

Run in the Redwoods, 2014
Run in the Redwoods, 2014

There is a lot to be grateful for this week. Last weekend, Travis and I went to Northern California for a 5K race. We enjoyed driving Highway 1 up the coast, and were in awe of the Redwood Trees we saw. Saturday morning, after our race we hiked 2 trails and again were in awe of everything we saw. It took leaving Colorado to see elk and hike a box canyon. We both love nature and being out in it. Living in metropolitan Modesto, doesn’t cut it for us some times and we really enjoy our escapes to Yosemite, the beach at Santa Cruz or now, Northern California Redwood Country.

I am also grateful to be doing some independent contracting for a fellow small business owner, and making a little money. (Note: I do a few contracting jobs blogging and pet sitting) I am grateful that these opportunities have presented themselves and that these people/friends find me capable to do the job. (Thanks y’all!) Check out my contributing post on Hello Nature HERE.

This week I started the latest bible study on She Reads Truth, on Opening your Bible. How to read it with reverence and respect. Having a seminarian as a husband, we frequently would talk about inherent vs infallible of the bible and where to put our stock in to the text. This has been a great study and really reminded me how although this was written nearly 2000 years ago, it speaks so clearly to us today and we are still struggling with these same issues of equality, love and peace.

What are you grateful for this week?

12 thoughts on “TIGF- Things I am Grateful For September 19 Edition

  1. Congrats on your independent contracting! I think that is really awesome! 5k races are also really fun and I’m sure the views in California were amazing! Hoping to take my husband to California soon, he’s never been!

    1. I really like the accessibility the app gives me to God’s Word. I always read from my printed bible vs the computer, as I love to circle or underline. But the idea that there are women across the country and even world participating in the same study as me at the same time is very exhilarating! Enjoy!

    1. What I like about She Reads Truth is at the end of a study I can go and choose any of the past studies or start the new one…plus they have an app to do the studies on or you can buy the work books. There is something for everyone!

  2. Oh I love the coast highway. I drove up to Big Sur from San Diego one year (while I was still living out West.). It was so gorgeous. The elephant seals were my favorite. We stopped to get out and take a closer look… Awesome.

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