The Soul of All Living Creatures by Vint Vigra, D.V.M.- A Review

I am one of those weird people who listens to NPR. Weird, right? So if you are still reading this then cool, and if you are also one of those people who listens to NPR then maybe you heard the interview with Vint recently on Fresh Air. [Listen HERE] What I didn’t realize was he also wrote The Soul of All Living Creatures that I recently requested from Blogging for Books. Although a well-educated Animal Behaviorist, I appreciate Vigra’s ability to recall stories from his professional life with great detail and explain diagnosis in simple terms for those of us that are not Animal Behaviorist or Psychologists.

IMG_4694Each chapter begins with a story of a past patient, and what was happening and why it affects not only the animal but it’s impact on us and how we can help our animals. Vigra states in the beginning of the book that our ability to be present with our animals, to listen to our hearts and not logic is at times the right way to look at the situation. Vigra also tells stories, old folk tales or parables to illustrate a point, for me I understood his perspective when talking about the dog or cat, however it’s these smaller stories that really drove the message home. Our perspective, changes. Animals express their emotions differently than us, of course without words but with their body language. Take cats for example, the most affectionate of cats tend to sit close to one another and maybe with their tails intertwined. However, my two kitties sit atop of one another and lounge together regularly and again, every animal is different. My cats are more affectionate to one another than with others and compared to others.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.” Grab a copy for yourself, HERE

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