Training for my 5K

Well, I have been training for about 2 weeks and in that time I have managed to log around 20-ish miles, not bad for a rookie. I also ran for 3 days straight with at least 2 miles each day. Thursday was my day off and boy did I need it, i splurged with coffee in the morning, walking the mall and a grilled cheese, oh and not running. Yoga on Wednesday night was TOUGH and included lots of Intense poses. You know it’s going to be bad when your teacher has blocks for the entire class. Ouch.

So my super awesome Bolder Band is in all my post run selfies…Travis says I look ridiculous and I tell him it’s for holding my hair back and I am going on a run, not to a fashion show. My Bolder Band keeps my bangs that are ever so slightly too short for my pony tail out of my face. I prefer to keep it folded but pulling it back closer to my pony tail keeps my hairs in place better. I love the colors, it goes with ALL my running outfits, cause that is what matters folks.

Side note: I do not recommend running in glasses, totally annoying.

I have also challenged my BFF Kendra to run a Marathon the month of August. Even though we are thousands of miles of way, we can still do something together and compete. Sadly, she is in the lead but on the plus side I have run further than my husband so far this week. And I have plans to meet the 11 mile goal for this week! Nervous that my Nike Plus app wants me to run a total of 99 miles before my 5K, and run a total of 20 miles a few weeks before my 5K, wow talk about intense.

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