Montrose, Colorado {a reflection}

When we arrived in the small town of Montrose, Colorado in Mid December. I had big plans. Plans to buy and settle to enjoy life on the Western Slope and do lots of hiking, photographing and making long lasting friendships.

Now after 7 months here, I am leaving. I don’t know why exactly God lead us here for such a short amount of time, but I wouldn’t trade my 7 months here for anywhere else in the world.  It almost feels like we were on a mission, however I am not sure if the mission was for us to be a witness or to be witnessed too.

I was accepted for a position, I felt I had no experience in and yet learned  a lot, experimented with marketing, advertising and scheduling a large scale event. Even developed a sponsorship plan and ended up laying out the Summer 2014 County Newsletter, something I never would have excepted as possible with my limited InDesign skills.

I made great friends in the business world and pet industry and did a few photo sessions, which I forgot how hard it is to work full-time and run your personal business. They were gracious and patient with me. I was brave and tried new things including a radio interview, on the day we found out Travis was going to be out of work in 2 weeks. Somehow, I managed to pull together and simply talk about my business and my passion for it. (thanks Miriam for always encouraging me)

I had amazing coffee, and not from Starbucks. Our little town boasts some of the best local coffee shops I have ever entered into. Drinks and ambiance wise. (visit A&Y Downtown, Coffee Trader and Looney Bean if you are ever in the area)

Something else I will truly treasure as I leave for California is the blessing of the church we found here. Thank you Community Spirit UCC for being an amazing and welcoming community. Although small in this community and standing tall for beliefs that this conservative town has not quiet accepted yet, I know you will make big investments into the Kingdom of God for what you have done in my life and in the lives of those you encounter.

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