What Muddy looks like [Asher the Catahoula]

Husband wanted me to go sign us up for Cardio Kickboxing at the Montrose Recreation District/Aquatic Center earlier this week. I told him I had no reason to be on ‘that side of town’,  although this town is so small it isn’t really an excuse. He proposed I take Asher to the dog park, as a viable reason to be ‘on that side of town’. Well, the class was cancelled so I just ended up taking Asher to the park…And it was nothing more than a muddy spa treatment.

We arrived to one other dog at the park, Bambi a one year old Bloodhound mix. Boy, was she happy to have someone to chase! I would throw the ball, Asher would go after it and Bambi would chase after him. And and mud and the muck made it that much more fun for the two of them as slipped and slide across the park.

After Bambi, left we played a little bit longer until I was actually worried about putting him in my car. He was so dirty, you couldn’t tell he had spots!

IMG_2671It was all fun and  games until I said “Bath Time”. Although he is a very good dog and gets in the tub for me, he hated this.

IMG_2667Can you see the mud on the tub walls? I am still cleaning up that bathroom, and don’t even get me started on the tub! Yikes it is a mess! As much fun as the dog park is, I don’t think Asher wants to go back out of fear of another bath time. Poor Pup.

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