Roo + Samoa {Colorado Pet Photography}

Roo_SomoaFB1Oh these two are fun.

Meet Roo, the Mini Austrailan Shepherd and Samoa, the Heinz 57. These two beautiful dogs belong to my good friend Rachael and Nate. Sadly, they are moving to Phoenix but I came up and helped Rachael with painting and spent some time simply hanging out. While we waiting for the walls to dry one day, I popped out the camera and snapped a few photos of her pups.

ROO_SOMOA FB 3I couldn’t let her move all the way to Phoenix and not have great photos of her babies! They were great sports, and although the background is lacking, I find their is something sweet in knowing these were taken in their Grand Junction home.

20140109_Roo_Somoa_Rudolph_1889FBI really wanted to bring my own polka dotted puppy up, while we were painting but could only imagine disaster if they played too close to the paint can or wall.

20140109_Roo_Somoa_Rudolph_1888FBRachael and I met August 2012 in Colorado Springs, she had moved there from the Denver area. We hit it off instantly and became great friends, hiking the area and drinking copious amounts of coffee. She moved back to Grand Junction in April 2013, and golly I missed her.

ROO_SOMOA FB 2Rachael (and Nate), thank you so much for your amazing friendship. I know that we have both held each other up from what seems like a never ending tide of pain and unknown. I know I couldn’t have made it through the last 7 months without you, and I know you can say the same. I can’t wait to visit you in Phoenix, although it maybe in the Fall! Lots of love to you,


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