2013 in Review

Is anyone else having a hard time realizing another year is over? For some reason I go through this feeling every 6 months, once at the new year and at my birthday…hopefully that doesn’t make me twice as old!

At the beginning of the year, I choose to abide in God more this year. To endure without yielding and more accurately to bear patiently(Thanks Webster for the official definition). If only I knew how much abiding I would be doing I may have chosen a different word. Initially I decided on abide because I really wanted to learn how to wait on God, in prayer, in my faith and in finding a church home.

Here is my 2013 in review:

January- I began working at Eye Specialist for Animals, 2 days a week. It was the most challenging and exciting job I have had outside of ClarkeStudio Photography. I was challenged to continue learning and work with an amazing variety of people.

Kitten, DreamPower, HeARTS speak, 2013
Kitten, DreamPower, HeARTS speak, 2013

February- I began volunteering with DreamPower Animal Rescue!

March- I started the new ClarkeStudio Photography Blog! Visit the old one here!

Buffalo, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 2013
Buffalo, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, 2013

April- Hubby and I went on our very 1st road trip…Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming

Mr + I near Divide, CO 2013
Mr + I near Divide, CO 2013

May- I began volunteering with Teller County Regional Animal Shelter! And we spent a weekend away in the Mountains!

IMG_0524June- We celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary

IMG_0103July- Hubby and I both celebrated our birthdays, we went to a few concerts, and hiked the Crag’s and Mount Cutler

Again Mom!
Again Mom!

August- Hubby completed his Chaplain Pastoral Education Training and we focused all our efforts on his job search and Asher and I discover Rampart Reservoir!

Balloon Classic Collage 1September- Colorado Springs Balloon Classic! (not much happened…really)

Victor Colorado, 2013
Victor Colorado, 2013

October- Hubby and I went to Victor to see the fall color and the Air Force vs Notre Dame Game and moved out of our house and moved in with our friends Liz and Matt

ASher_3_brithdayNovember- Hubby is interviewed by a hospital in Durango and offered a PT position and affordable housing becomes difficult to secure, Asher turns 3

IMG_2254December- Hubby is ordained at our home church in Waco, we go to the last game at Floyd Casey Stadium and a Hospice in Montrose calls hubby and offers him a full time position, and housing was easy to find! We move in less than a week of being offered the position! Merry Christmas to us! Liz and Matt get married in Estes Park!

At The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for Liz + Matt's Wedding, December 30, 2013
At The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for Liz + Matt’s Wedding, December 30, 2013

My word for 2014 is hope, to expect with confidence and to cherish a desire with anticipation. Hope for Hubby’s new job, our new home town and our future.

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