Settling in our new home

On Monday Dec 16, we moved from Colorado Springs to Montrose, CO. I had Asher and the kitties loaded up in my car around 8 am and hubby drove the uhaul while my gracious Mother in Law, drove Hubby’s car! It was a long drive especially considering once we made it in town, signed the lease and made it to the house we unloaded the uhaul until around 10 pm.

IMG_2283talk about a very long day.

thankfully, when we arrived we quickly decided we needed to get food. I called a local pizzeria Colorado Boy Pizza and ordered us some very yummy, local and handmade pizza! (yumm) Once everything was inside, we hastily made our way to bed after our long day.

IMG_2303On Tuesday, my Mother in Law and I went out in search of a new sofa and to look at washers and dryers…after lunch hubby and I made a huge adult purchase thanks to some help from my Mother in Law, and ordered our new sofa, washer and dryer. (Merry Christmas to us!) It’s great moving to a small town, everyone seems so excited to have us and were very interested in what we do…our career field choices are quiet unique. (Chaplain and Pet Photographer)

IMG_2307It seems that our kitties are settling in nicely and enjoy running up and down through our new home. Poor Asher is just exhausted from all the stress and worry of all this moving. It helps that I ordered him an XL West Paw Bed for him and the kitties to snuggle in and I bought the kitties a 4.5′ crinkle tunnel with porthole…everyone seems to be enjoying their new home gifts!

After several days of driving around town, getting our library card, and sending in Asher’s paper to be licensed I think we are finally settling in a bit before Christmas. It’s amazing to me how God used our season of advent to prepare me for His season of advent; of waiting in expectation. I am so thankful for my She Reads Truth Community and Instagram friends for keeping accountable during this time.

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