2013 Trip to Texas

Well, a several weeks ago Hubby and I planned a trip to Texas, for Hubby to be officially ordained by our home church in Waco University Baptist Church in Waco. Well the Friday we were scheduled to fly out our flights were cancelled…apparently folks in Texas can’t handle a little snow. At least that is what I thought.

So we decided we should just drive, everything was set up and we really did want to get Hubby properly ordained. Friday the drive was eh, typical from Colorado to Childress, Texas…Boring. Friday night when we arrived at our hotel we ordered Baylor vs UT game tickets, I mean why not, the last game at Floyd Casey Stadium. But Saturday morning as we headed out of Childress we began to notice quite a bit more ‘snow’ residue on the roads…eventually some became a lot and by a lot I mean around 6 inches of solid ice south of Decatur and north of Fort Worth.


When we finally skidded our way into Waco, they were half way through the 2nd Quarter. We managed to see the rest of the game and nearly froze to death! We stormed the field and remembered why if we ever had to live in Texas again we would want to be in Waco.


Sunday morning was the best. We were able to worship with our home community and it felt like we had never left. It was amazing and awful. Knowing it was only for that day, for that hour. I always thought I would cry if we ever went back, some how I managed not to.


Lunch was full of family and friends. Catching up and reminiscing on life and everything that had happened over the past year and a half.


Later that afternoon, we all gathered back at UBC for Hubby’s ordination service. Our good friends and members of our Mi Casa planned and arranged his ordination. Since hubby is a chaplain, not everyone sees his work as a way of ‘furthering the kingdom’. The words spoken by our church leaders about Hubby and his passion for Chaplaincy, were enough to fill my heart with joy for years to come. I know Hubby is passionate about his work but to hear others in the Church respect his work is more than words can describe.

Thankfully, we have amazing friends with extra bedrooms that were able to house us while we were in town. It was so great to catch up with them, and meet new faces! (Sinai and Harper!)

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