Photographs of Christmas Past -Clarke Family Style

DSC_0083.JPGThis is the 1st Christmas Card Photo we took, in 2008. We had just moved to Waco for Hubby to begin his Seminary degree. This was our 2nd Christmas, the 1st was in Nacogdoches and I don’t think we took a photo that year. If we did I don’t have it.

photo 1Christmas 2009, still living in Waco but now with 2 kitties. The one pictured was our rascal, Sherwin who we lost a year later.

We also visited Biltmore that Winter with Hubby’s Family! It was so fun!


As you can see this was our 2010 photo, we unexpectedly got snow that year and proceeded to take off work and school to have fun.

Sailers 2011 Christmas Front

I didn’t find a family photo for 2011 around Christmas but I know we used Israel photos on our card that year. So, here is my family’s photo we took, even my parent’s cat, PeeWee (who is Shade’s brother). We must have not taken one of just us (oops), but here is a photo of my foster dog, Daisy and Asher.

Daisy and Asher Christmas 2011

Photos from Christmas 2012, with my parents in Colorado Springs!

In 2012, this past year in Colorado, Asher had his photo taken with Santa…it did take him about 20 minutes to warm up to the idea but he did eventually give in.









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