{reflecting on July}

Hiking Colorado, 2013
Hiking Colorado, 2013

This past month, July, was very hard for me to do. We went through a lot; we stressed, celebrated, hiked and panicked. We started off with a hike to the Crag’s at the beginning of the month, Mr struggled on the way up and was grateful for the views and downhill hiking at the end. It hailed on us…and we didn’t bring rain coats. We won tickets to see the Avett Brothers and Asher won a gift basket from “I and love and you”.


Mr applied to SO many jobs, uncountable really. Heard endlessly, ‘No’ and ‘Not enough experience’, although if someone would just give him an interview I am sure, positive in fact, that they would feel differently. You don’t have to 65 to have experienced life.

I turned 27 on the 11th and Mr turned 28 on the 30th. My best friend celebrated her 27th on the 21st and my Baby Sister and Brother in Law celebrated their 1st Anniversary on the 28th.


We applied to the Mennonite Volunteer Services, as we feared hubby wouldn’t find a job. The process was not hard but quick. We did phone interviews, had references sent in, and in person interviews. The process of the in person interview was more exciting to me as a wife than anything else. We got to talk about each other (in front of each other) to a complete stranger. We divulged our wants, needs and theological needs. It was an amazing experience. {Thanks Jill!} But afterwards I felt like God was closing that door, hard. Like it wasn’t meant to be.


I photographed another Flawed Perfection Jewelry Session and had my 1st Family Session {Thanks West Family!} and Hubby had scheduled 2 interviews; phone and in person for 2 separate jobs here in Colorado Springs.

Now it’s August. {hey August!} Mr has an interview this Tuesday for a PT position here in Colorado Springs. We want so badly to be here, remain here. But we need God to confirm that. Hubby is very {VERY} excited for the opportunity to show someone why he loves what he does. And why he is good at it and good for him. He is passionate about his ministry and loves the opportunity to tell others how his life has driven him to this. Please pray for him…and me…

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