27th Birthday

The fun thing about getting older, is how young I look. No really. No one ever thinks I am as old as I am. I am ALWAYS carded, and even my part time co workers think I am kidding. Well, Thursday I turned 27…I am officially old. 9 years out of High School and 5 years out of college. Married for 6 years, and living in Colorado for 1 of the 26. To celebrate I decided I need a new portrait…since I struggle with taking my own photograph, in self portrait style. I gave it a go and if I had to do it, Asher did too!

Shelby + Asher_FB2_27 self portrait_8323



2 thoughts on “27th Birthday

  1. Yea you def look several years younger than I am and I have about two to go to 27! I always blame it on the dry, AZ heat and strong sun, even though I’m always making an effort to stay out of it. Hope you had a great birthday! Love this pic of you & your pup!

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