a reflection on our 6th wedding anniversary

Mr and I dated a mere 5 months before getting engaged. Although we were both members of our local BSM (baptist student ministry) I am sure folks wondered. My mom and dad made us wait to tie the knot until I was further along in my college education…preferably after I received my degree…did I mention I was a freshman? After 2.5 year engagement we finally got hitched on June 23rd, 2007. Mr graduated from Stephen F Austin State University a month before and I was a year away from my Bachelors. After the honeymoon (we went to Portland, OR for a week) we returned to tiny Nacogdoches for me to complete my Bachelors in Interior Design, thankfully I finished on time and we boot scooted to Waco for Mr to get his Masters of Divinity from George W Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. After 4 tough and wonderful years there, we had the opportunity to come to Colorado Springs, where Mr could earn the last 4 CPE (clinical pastoral education) units before becoming a full time chaplain.

5th Anniversary at Sky Sox Baseball Game, 2012
5th Anniversary at Sky Sox Baseball Game, 2012

we were actually in colorado springs last year when the Waldo Canyon Fire started. It was our 5th Anniversary, we visited Garden of the Gods that morning then went to lunch at the Mason Jar on Colorado at 30th. Our waiter took us outside to see the smoke plume of the fire when it was only 3 acres…we went to the Sky Socks game that night, it was Star Wars night. He gave me a baseball pandora charm on a piece of twin tied to a small navy blue Sky Socks bat…Wood was the traditional gift.


This year, thankfully no fire started on our anniversary but the Black Forest was nearly or almost contained by our anniversary. We enjoyed a lazy Saturday at home and went out to dinner. Joe’s Crab Shack. Now, as a former citizen of the Gulf Coast, eating at Joe’s is not something one usually is excited about. Especially when you have abundant fresh sea food at your finger tips. However, there is no such thing as a coast in Colorado…and we were craving some shellfish. (thankfully i did not inherit my dad’s iodine allergy) We also went to the mall to walk around and help our food settle and then we went to Barnes and Noble. A very dangerous store for folks that love to read. But since having to move all our books here, I’ll be honest I love the library more and more…my Kindle too.


On Sunday, we went to church then relaxed on the couch. Reading. Listening to Music. Spending time together. Travis applied to a few jobs, and I cooked lunch. Sunday night The Unlikely Candidates were playing at a local venue (along with Get Along and The Myth of Modern Medicine). I love their song ‘Follow my Feet’ and insisted we go. Our tickets were $1.03 each when we purchased them the week before.


Our friends Liz and Matt were going to come along as well but they were both fighting a sinus infection off. The crowd was small for the concert but at least we weren’t a giant human meat pie. It was kind of warm in there. Hubby was good to me and gave me a bar of chocolate (traditional gift) and told me we would get my iphone fixed. 🙂

IMG_0529Here is an iphone photo from the concert. They sounded AMAZING in concert and I only wish more people had shown up…and that they had merch…



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