Hiking Colorado Springs in May {favorite places}

Well, spring has FINALLY arrived. By finally I mean, it snowed 1.5″ on May 1. So now that the sun has decided to shine and the snow has moved on {hopefully} I can get outside with Asher more often, get some exercise and some sun!


Last week, Asher and I went to one of my favorite places. The Contemplative Trail at Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. It’s quiet, and it’s for hikers only. 🙂


I took a picnic lunch + packed water and a toy for Asher. We walked the trail then stopped to eat and play on our way back. I love the view of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. I feel in tune with nature and can relax my mind and spirit when I am there. We love to walk through the rocks and feel nature.


Asher loves to climb rocks, I call him my Billy Goat when we are hiking. Because he is always looking to climb up and look out. He was only 1.5′ feet off the ground where I was standing for this photo. He is always so enthusiastic, even when I’m not.

IMG_0836I have been a little stressed lately. Mr is looking for a full time job and I know, I know everything will work out and we will be exactly were we need to be but I don’t like not knowing. I am so mentally prepared for this next move to where-ever and yet, I can’t stand not knowing where that will be. Until then, I will continue to enjoy Colorado, the Springs and get all the amazing hiking in that I can!

IMG_0843And these two have no idea that we are moving again. Silly boys love the weather in Colorado too! Hopefully, they will be just as sweet and good on our next move. 🙂



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