Raising a Green Dog {a blog on environmentally conscious pet ownership} Part 2

The Greatly Anticipated Part 2, in the series on environmentally conscious pet ownership. So, let’s start by talking about Poop.


6) Poop Bags, you can buy eco-friendly poop bags for your dog. We buy GreenBone Poop Bags that are Biodegradable…because why put something biodegradable in something that isn’t? Available at Target and Republic of Paws


7) Volunteering + Donation, another great Green idea is to give the gently used things you pet has no desire in to a local shelter or rescue. You can even volunteer to walk or help socialize the animal by playing with them or teaching them a few tricks. Giving away these things is a better option than to throw them away, unless they are dangerous by being chewed to small pieces or otherwise. Please don’t give things away that could hurt an animal. Asher recently decided he didn’t like some treats I had bought him, we donated them to DreamPower Animal Rescue and now they are used when we teach the dogs to ‘Sit’ or ‘Down’.

8) Another Green option is to buy from a resale shop or garage sale, for your pet supply needs. I recommend that you sanitize or sterilize when buy from these. You don’t want to buy something that is covered in germs or a virus that could be dangerous to your animals health.

9) Flea + Tick Control, keeping your pet healthy from fleas and ticks is a very serious concern for all pet owners but how do we do this and stay green and earth friendly? Flea and Tick meds and drops are full of harmful chemicals with the idea being that they will kill just about any bug that bites your pet. But is it healthy to have these chemicals in your pets body? Here is a great link to Natural Flea Control


And for Fleas and Ticks


Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 1.28.36 PM

10) Adopt/Rescue, why buy a dog when you can rescue one? Adopting a dog is the greenest form of getting a dog! I know someone will say, “But if a dog comes from a breeder wasn’t it sustainability made…aka the animal was bred, naturally therefore the birth is green?” But why would you willing buy a dog when 100’s if not 1,000’s are being put down all across the country. If you adopt than those shelters won’t have to go through the expense and process and euthanizing them (harmful chemicals), removing their bodies from the shelter (time) and taken to the local dump (gas). However, I willingly support rescues that will drive across the country to save an animal’s life, National Mill Dog Rescue.

I hope you have enjoyed this series. How else do you manage to think sustainably for your pets? As pet owners, it is our responsibility to not only care for our animals in a sustainable manner but also be good stewards of the earth.



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