Raising a Green Dog {a blog on environmentally conscious pet ownership} Part 1

We all have Carbon Footprints. It is all a matter of how BIG they are. Do we buy products produced locally, eliminating the gas/fuel burned to bring it to our home, if it is made with sustainable materials, and in a sustainable fashion. As a pet owner, I was worried that when I began to evaluate MY footprint what Asher’s {and my cats} looked like…so, I began to purchase items from local pet supply shops (that don’t sell puppies) that were sustainably made or recyclable. And making my own toys and beds… This is Part 1 of a 2 part series on environmentally conscious pet ownership.

Antler Chew, Dog, Deer, Antler, chew

1) Antler Chews, are a great sustainable and green product for your pet. They are harvested from deer, elk and moose when the deer drops their antlers naturally each year. These animals don’t have to die so your dog can have something to chew on. Early suppliers, were folks that simply picked up antlers out of their yards and on trails, then began to cut them into appropriate sizes for different dogs, even splitting some. If you are in Colorado Springs most small pet supply shops carry various antler sizes and types. (photo source: http://pinterest.com/pin/108649409732925064/)

Kady's Kollar, Red, Collar

2) Collars + Leashes, the best way to be eco-minded about your pets collars and leashes is to A) buy a size they can wear for the longest amount of time B) buy a material that is eco-friendly (bamboo, Jute, Leather, recyclable) C) buy local and handmade, support local businesses. Consider buying from Kady’s Kollars, owner Mindy donates a portion of all sales to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

Merrick Grain Free Chicken

3) Food, this is tougher to do. Currently, I would advise to have the least impact is to grow/raise your own and feed fresh. However if that isn’t an option, it isn’t at my house, is to buy made in the USA and confirm that all if not most ingredients are organic/antibiotic/ cage free/wild caught. I recommend Merrick and The Honest Kitchen. By only buying brands that promote this way of making food, you are supporting local farmers and ranchers and the folks in the industry, thus helping out our National Economy. {So being a Tree Hugger Pet Owner is basically in the best interest for the Nation, not just ourselves}. Some people have told me, I feed my dog better than myself, I am happy to report that Mr and I have made great strides in our eating habits and now eat as well as the pets. 🙂

Dog Bed, DIY, Fleece

4) Toys + Dog Beds, make your own! (photo above was taken from the 1st link) There are several do it yourself tutorials out there on how to make dog toys from socks, shirts and towels. Reuse everything you can. Asher’s favorite blankets are old towels that we have sewn fabric scraps on to. They are soft and have lots of fun texture. Here are a few DIY:





{as with ALL toys, please supervise your pet!}

5) Gas, another great way to reduce Fido’s carbon footprint is to walk to the park instead of driving there. I know this isn’t an option for everyone but the less you are in the car and less gas your burn the better for you and Fido.

Look for Part 2, posting on April 25th!

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