7 Stitches + 14 days in a ‘Party Hat’

{warning: some photos might be gory for some viewers}
Asher, March 2013, car

If you follow me on Instagram (@clarkestudio), I’m sure you saw all the photos of Asher in his Cone of Shame, or as we like to call it his Party Hat. On March 16th, I took Asher to the dog park. The photo above was actually on our way home, while stopped at a red light. As usual we played for about an hour before heading home. I literally had my eye on him the entire time, except for maybe 20 seconds when he went down to the creek to soak and get a drink. Asher plays fetch hard, running at full speed through the park after his ball, braking and turning on a dime and usually tears up his pad pretty bad on rocks and the dirt.

After we got home, Mr. had to go to the hospital as he was working that weekend. So, Asher and I went in and he got his regular ‘post dog park bath’ I soak him down shampoo him + check his feet for any cuts. I didn’t see anything irregular and was kind of excited that he didn’t hurt himself. After his bath, he went to nap on the couch and I went to go blog, or do some graphic design. A few hours later I decided I needed to get up and brush Asher’s teeth, a weekend habit. And as I stroked his face and tilted his head I saw the most awful cut just after his lips met on his left cheek.

Asher, cut,

I was kind of in shock at 1st. And it was so clean and straight, I did a double take and thought ‘that’s not normal. right?’. I called my mom, panicking. Our vet had just closed 30 minutes ago, and I wanted to avoid the emergency clinic at all cost. After, calming me down, we decided to shave the hair around the cut to get a better idea of how bad it was then to flush it with hydrogen peroxide. Our next idea was to put a butterfly strip on it. Well, the shaving went well. In fact, Asher was a true champ and sat so good for me while I shaved his cute face. The flushing, however made him run. Thankfully, I had the bathroom door shut as I said earlier Mr was at work. Once, I calmed him down again, I could get the butterfly strip on…which almost immediately came off when he did a ‘nervous’ yawn…and again when he scratched it off…and again later when it simply wouldn’t stick anymore…

Asher, gentle leader, green

I then resorted to his Gentle Leader. His cut was staying closed, which was good but at night or when he would get nervous about me flushing it or putting Neosporian on it he would yawn and it would open again. The Gentle Leader allowed him to eat, drink and for the most part play with a few toys without opening his cut. On Monday the 18th, I called and took him to our vet. When I picked him up a while later he had 7 purple stitches and the infamous cone of shame. He had 7 days of antibiotics and pain killers. And an order to wear his ‘party hat’ for at least 7-10 days.

Asher, dog, cone of shame, stitches

Asher, dog, cone of shame, red

At 7 days after all his meds were gone, I tested him without the cone and within 24 hours one of the stitches was completely unraveled. Of course, I panicked {again} and called our vet. She reassured me that as long as the cut was staying closed it was fine.

So on April 1, Asher got the best Easter gift ever. His stitches out and no more party hat! Asher is now sporting an awesome ‘Joker scar’ as Mr likes to call it and is happy and healthy! Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me and Asher when I couldn’t get to the vet and we couldn’t go hiking or play at the park. 

Asher, dog, stitches, green shirt

We still don’t know what he cut his face on, a few friends of the Bear Creek Dog Park (which is a GREAT dog park and I LOVE to take Asher too!) searched the area where I didn’t have an eye on him. They found an extremely sharp piece of plastic, which the guy said was sharp enough to cut through skin. After our stitches were removed, we celebrated with a trip to the dog park. This time I watched him the ENTIRE time, and after the park during our bath I looked at every inch of his body. No new cuts.


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