Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken + Sweet Potato {Dog Food Review}

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I am pretty sure, my dog is a foodie.

A while ago (like in February), the friendly folks at Merrick Pet Care sent Asher a bag of their Grain Free Real Chicken + Sweet Potato Recipe. I am just now writing this post because we finally made it through the other bag of food we were eating. And I have to admit, he really likes it!

Dog Food, Asher, Dog

Asher, has a known history of gas and it’s not enjoyable for anyone in the house. Since switching him to The Honest Kitchen (my review is HERE) for Breakfast and Merrick’s Grain Free Recipes for dinner, he is been ‘tooty’ free for some time. I am a firm believer that grains were the cause {and apparently the altitude change didn’t help}. He is also known for being a picky eater. He practically refuses to eat breakfast, unless it is Honest Kitchen (some times I add organic canned pumpkin for added nutrition, he practically begs for breakfast when I do that). And eats supper without having to be asked. I used to have to stand over him and insist that he eat. If he didn’t the cats would, and he just didn’t seem to care.

Merrick Grain Free Chicken

What I like about Merrick, is 1) they are based in Texas and being a Born and Raised Texan this is kind of a big deal, but more importantly 2) all their ingredients are sourced here in the US, so no worry of crazy China recalls. In the past, I have been told that Asher eats better than we do, and I agree especially when you read the ingredient list for Merrick! I have a very health conscious friend who when I read her the list from the side of the bag said there was no way that could be ‘dog food’ it sounded ‘too good to be true and too healthy’! Also, when we lived in Texas Asher ate the Whole Earth Farms Adult and loved it. No gas or itches, which we also struggled with. But when we moved here, something changed + he got gassy again. After trying a number of things our current plan is working really well!

We (my husband and I) both recommend Merrick, not only is the quality great but the results are too. Asher has a beautiful coat, is energetic, healthy and gas free. Plus he likes it.

3 thoughts on “Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken + Sweet Potato {Dog Food Review}

  1. Thanks for Sharing! What dogs eat today is far different to what they ate before domestication. While dog food today has nutrients that an animal requires and your pet may scarf it down hungrily, a wild dog would probably turn its nose up at it. Nice Post

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