First Aid Kit {in case of an emergency}

Are you prepared? Do you carry a 1st aide kit? Does it have products for both you + your dog? Do you know what to do if you need to perform CPR on your animal? I recently asked myself these questions and thankfully nothing prompted it. I began to assemble a Doggie/Person 1st aid kit for our hikes and educated myself on what to do in the event of an emergency to myself or Asher. [I pray I will never have to use any of the information I have acquired] My First Aid Kit, was bought at Target this past summer, and I have slowly been filling it. As you can see not everything fits inside. Some things are simply in my backpack. But the smaller items are organized inside the pouches in the kit. Asher usually carries the red kit inside his Ruffwear Approach backpack, along with his own water, bowl, treats and a ball. He carries around 10 lbs currently.


Simple First Aid Kit:

Sterile Gauze pads in a variety of sizes

stripes of cloth

Bandages (including self clinging and waterproof)

Cotton Balls + Swabs

Paper Towels

Ziploc resealable bags

Muzzle [a scared or frightened animal may bite(or rope to make one)]

Extra Leash


Sewing Kit

Matches or Lighter

Antibacterial wipes or pads

Eye Lubricant/ Saline Solution

Advanced Kit:

Information on Dog CPR + First Aid

Notecard with your animal’s health info, microchip and other important medical information

Rolled Sterilized Gauze

Sterile Stretch Gauze

Roll of Cotton


Compact Thermal Blanket

Rope (for emergency use)

Bandana/Nylon Stocking (many uses including emergency muzzle or securing a torn ear flap)

Rubber gloves

Nail Clippers

Eye Dropper


Bulb Syringe (for flushing wounds and giving meds)

Hot/Cold Pack

Disposable Saftey Razor (for shaving fur from the area around a wound)

Mild Dish Soap (removes sticky substances)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing Alcohol (cooling agent for heat stroke, or fever; breaks down oils and acts as a drying agent between toes and skin folds; do NOT use on wounds)

Petroleum Jelly

Antiseptic Iodine

Bag Balm (treating paw pads)

Syrup of Ipecac (induces vomiting)

Styptic Power (for bleeding toe nails)

Antihistamine Capsules (25 mg for allergies)

Hydrocortisone Cream

Gentle Pet Sedative

Milk of Magnesia (for upset stomachs and poison ingestion)

Pepto-Bismal (for upset stomachs and some types of poisoning) {I suggest the Milk of Magnesia}

Buffered Aspirin (NOT Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen)

Epsom Salt (NOT for ingesting; cleaning of wounds and soothing itchy paws)

Now, I don’t have all these in my First Aid Kit, but I have what I feel I would most like need. And since none of our hikes are no more than 2-3 hours, there is always the security of making it to the car and to the vet.

The information for this post came from several sources, the main ones; The Practical Dog Owner’s Handbook by McGreevy, and Dog Lover’s Daily Companion by Wendy Nan Rees and Kristen Hampshire.


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